Training & Development

Training, Education, & Professional Development

Scientific Advantage/SSI offers an integrated approach to expanding Medical Affairs and Medical Science Liaison (MSL) team performance and enhancing professional development. Dynamic programs invite our scientific audience to take advantage of resources that will assist them in achieving peak performance and reaching their professional goals.

With a focus on improving clinical impact, our experienced staff takes their audience to the next functional level by developing core competencies and refining business skills.

  • Custom designed seminars, webinars & workshops
  • Customized, instructionally-sound, in-depth programs, including didactic sessions, case studies, & situation analysis courses
  • Approaches to creating & maintaining the leading edge
  • MSL core curriculum courses
  • Research & Development tools
  • Compliance & ethics programs
  • Informative text-based modules for self-study
  • Learning guides & customizable worksheets
  • Discussions of cutting-edge issues & challenges affecting the MSL field
  • Training that informs MSLs about professional risk; assistance for companies and individuals in developing behaviors that minimize risk and maximize performance
  • Leading-edge content development
  • An enriched learning environment

Download a pdf copy of our professional development series courses below: