Our Services

As the world leader in providing innovative Medical Affairs and MSL solutions, Scientific Advantage/SSI offers a wide range of services. Partial list below:

Services & Programs

MSL/Medical Affairs Management Solutions, Consulting & Operations
Medical Affairs Expert Consultants

  • Medical Affairs plan development and strategy
  • Management decision support
  • Promotional Material Review: PRC/non-PRC review
  • Medical Affairs/Med Information/Medical Science Liaison (MSL) team creation and development
  • Medical, Regulatory, MSL, Legal and Project Management services
  • Consulting available on per diem or on retainer basis

MSL/Medical Affairs Department Architecture and Optimization

  • Medical plan creation and general Medical Affairs operations support
  • Concept & Strategy development for MSL /Medical Affairs /Medical Information & Education
  • MSL geographic alignment and profile development
  • Coaching and performance enhancement

General Medical Affairs Services

  • Advisory Boards and Meeting Moderation
  • Medical Education and Presentation Development
  • Medical Meeting Event Reporting and Staffing
  • Metrics & Benchmarking
  • Establishing universal industry standards for MSLs and Medical Affairs
  • Captures metrics trends, comparative date, benchmarking among industry leaders

Healthcare Industry Speaker’s Bureau and Moderators

  • Meeting moderators and content creation
  • Industry experts and program development
MSL/Medical Affairs Competency & Training Programs
Designed for and by MSLs and Medical Affairs Associates

  • Content development (clinical training modules, slides, etc.)
  • Examples of Our Professional Development Series
    • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) network development & sustaining
    • Fact vs. Fiction (article evaluation and analysis)
    • MSL Time Management & Prioritization
    • Presentation Skills for Scientists
  • Compliance Certification – level program: SAFER ML™National and regional programs available
  • Course Provides the core knowledge to navigate effectively, professionally and ethically in the changing U.S. biopharmaceutical & device regulatory compliance environment. Designed for MSL and Medical Affairs personnel
  • cMSL – MSL Standard On-line  Basic Skills Curriculum.  Competency Certification Also Available*
  • Created in partnership with our non-profit adult learn and certification expert firm, it is an ongoing, integrated approach to critical skill building for new hires and evolving MSL teams that is designed to accelerate team member integration
  • Increases training efficiency through standardized, self-guided learning platform
  • Setting the standards, the “MSL ABCs Foundations” course certifies MSLs on the fundamental practices required to be a professional MSL setting
  • Additional levels of certification
  • Staff Development Skills Seminars and Best Practices*
  • Program building and refining skills for the seasoned MSL team members and managers 
Bridging the Communication Gap between Business and Science
Achieving Operational Excellence

  • Cross-functional work operating across      boundaries, forming and retaining the right team at the right time and      cultural fit are essential and critical to commercial and clinical      success.  We have extensive      experience in bridging the gap between business and science
  • Strategic Support and assessments
  • Expertise in Medical      Affairs & MSL work across joint ventures and transitions
  • Transitional management and retention strategies