Corporate Background

Scientific Advantage/SSI works with pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and medical device companies to expand and optimize their clinical impact.  We provide creative solutions for the integration of information and communication between companies in the biopharmaceutical industry, diagnostics, devices and business leaders in the healthcare community.

Scientific Advantage/SSI is the worldwide leader in creating and refining Medical Affairs including Medical Information Services and Medical Science Liaison (MSL) departments. We have an established track record of leveraging the unique multi-faceted skills of Medical & Scientific Affairs for established and emerging multinational and multicultural companies, offering a thorough understanding of both the business and clinical side of the health sciences industry. Scientific Advantage/SSI helps corporations to maximize the enormous impact that a cutting-edge Medical Affairs team brings to their company, its portfolio and the field of medicine.

Specializing in innovative Medical/Scientific Affairs solutions, Scientific Advantage/SSI brings the insight that comes from over 120 years of collective experience in working with Medical Information Services, Medical Science Liaisons, Medical/Scientific Affairs and corporate management teams.  A dedication to our clients and a commitment to creating leading edge programs and solutions is what make Scientific Advantage/SSI unique.