About Us

SSI Strategy has recently acquired Scientific Advantage.

Scientific Advantage was an integrated company that specializes in the development of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) divisions and strategic business development in the medical marketing arena. The mission of Scientific Advantage was to positively “impact your business through science” in support of an organization’s key product portfolio.

At Scientific Advantage/SSI Strategy we focus on understanding the unique needs of each one of our clients and developing solutions tailored to their needs. We devise comprehensive strategies and then roll-up our sleeves to help our clients effectively execute.

Our team members work closely together with our client’s teams to understand their business and medical challenges in order to help transform them into a high impact medical organization.

Our teams consist of seasoned consultants, former Chief Medical Officers, and other Subject Matter or Therapeutic Area Experts, each of which bring their unique expertise to build meaningful solutions for our clients. We have found that this model brings the best of both the business and medical world together, and ensures our solutions make business and medical sense.